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About Home-Based Bill

Bill, affectionately called "Home-based Bill," is Home Business Online's mascot.

Wearing many hats, he represents the ultimate in the home-based experience. "Been there, done that," Bill has seen and done it all, from business start-up to business sell. He's worked in corporate America, been downsized, and has telecommuted; he's been turned down and been accepted for capital; he's had marketing success and failures; he's run home businesses alone, with his spouse and even with his children, ages infant to adult; he's sold some businesses for a profit and has closed some at a loss. As such, Bill is well-qualified to be called "Home-based Bill," our official work-from-home industry expert.

Here are some of the multifaceted hats Bill wears at Home Businsess Online:

Traffic Cop
Bill will periodically direct you through the site, telling you where to turn and giving you tips for site navigation.

News Correspondent
Home Business Online periodically sends Bill out to cover and gather news from and for the home-based industry.

Watch out, he's always on the lookout for home-based successes, failures and tips. He finds them where no one else can!

Talent Hound
Bill hunts down the best experts and resources and brings them to Home Business Online.

Awards Judge
With Bill's strong background, he is well-qualified to select "the best of" the home-based industry. Occasionally, Bill is even our Master of Ceremonies at our virtual awards banquets.

Home-based Bill represents the ultimate in the home-based experience. We can all relate with Bill!

Ron Leishman is Home Business Online's staff artist and the talented creator of "Home-based Bill." To learn how Ron can help your newsletters, literature and website, visit his "Toon-a-Day" website.
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