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Why Paid Links Violate Google’s Guidelines While Other Ads Don’t…

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Matt Cutts answers SEO questions for Google.  This particular question (from India) is one people have been asking for some time. Google lets you place all the advertising you want on your website without any penalty.  However, if you directly (through your own script or a third party) sell paid links, your site will be penalized by Google.  Why?  It has to do with manipulating search engines.

Matt answers this question in the below video (short video worth watching):

Be sure to watch the whole video, as Matt also talks about why you should use nofollow links.  Also check out some of the comments – pretty harsh.  Hmmm.

By the way, if you would like your own question answered on a video like the above, follow Google Webmaster on Twitter and look for an announcement when they take new questions.

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Why We’re Putting Less Focus on SEO…

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Over the past year with the Panda and Penguin updates from Google,Say no to SEO Dave and I have been reevaluating our focus on traffic.  While we had always put a high value on networking and relationships in getting traffic, we had also put efforts into SEO.

Well, things are changing, and yes, we are doing less and less with SEO and putting larger amounts of effort into relationship marketing.


Check out this post at SEO Roundtable.

You’re probably hearing plenty right now from marketers such as Ed Dale about the NEW Penguin updates and warnings.  Millions of websites already received collateral damage from SEO over-optimization tactics in the first Penguin update earlier this year in April.  Now, Matt Cutts, Google’s go-between guy for SEO and marketers, says there’s more coming.

Brace Yourselves!

I’ll have plenty more to say about this in the coming weeks and months.  For now, know that our focus is on relationship marketing.  This includes all the technology that lends itself to such, i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc.  There are so many avenues that have barely been explored.  The sky’s the limit.  It’s pretty exciting to see where this can go.

You ask, “Is backlinking still important?”  Good heavens, yes!  It is one of many signals that gives votes to a website.  That isn’t going away since the internet is about interlinking – relationship interlinking – businesses to customers, authors to readers, blogospheres to blogospheres…  People give REAL links due to relationships, not for SEO.  Keep that in mind.

So, 2012 will be the year of a mind shift for many marketers and SEO specialists – a relationship-based mindset.  If you are looking for the next backlinking trick, I would suggest you do some serious thinking about whether you want a long-term business or not.

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I KNOW the #1 Thing That is Holding You Back from Starting a Business…

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I know why you haven’t started and succeeded at making money with your small business.  Really, I do.

Know why?

Because Dave and I have been in the business of helping small businesses get off the ground for 20 years.  In those 20 years we have seen a common problem in almost 100% of the people we have helped who have been struggling to launch their businesses.

You may think it’s lack of knowledge.


You may think it’s lack of funding.


You may think it’s lack of time.


And, while each of these may contribute to your fear or doubts of starting, there is really only one main thing holding you back.

Let me give you a little background and then it will become very clear what is holding you back…

I have started many businesses in my life. EVERY single time I would emphatically say I didn’t know everything I needed to know about the business. I just jumped in with both feet and STARTED.  Yes, each time I did my research and studied what the successful businesses were doing. However, I didn’t wait to have complete knowledge. If you do this, your business will never get off the ground… NEVER.

Building a business is a refining process. Everyone makes mistakes. I would bet that if we looked into the history of each of successful business that has gone on to create millions we would find that not one of them started with the perfect team, that not one began with all the knowledge they needed, that not one of them had adequate funding at the get-go.

And, I would bet the farm that they made plenty of mistakes, some fairly big. With that said, they just kept going and learned as they went. They refined their processes and their pitches. They put systems in place to replicate their successes as well as to avoid repeating failures. That’s how you build a long-term business… And, that’s where the real money is.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire Mayor of New York, credits his success to getting going without spending too much time planning. He claims, “We act from day one; others plan how to plan – for months.”

I wrote an article many years ago entitled, “Doin’ it, Doin’ it, Doin’ it.” It was a story about a very average guy we met who wasn’t really all that bright. And, yet, what he evangelized was brilliant. He knew that to get a desired outcome, he had to actually DO something to get there. He didn’t wait until he had enough money to start his business or until his advertising materials were perfect or until he had a stockpile of products to sell. He started with what he had and did something every day to achieve his goal.

Best of all, he practiced what he preached. That is exactly what he taught his team. Jack knew that if his team would just do something – anything – every day toward their goals, they, too, would get to their desired goals. In the process, he and those who took his advice found their wealth.

Trust me when I say there wasn’t anything truly special about this guy. He just understand extremely well the concept of “Doin’ it, Doin’ it, Doin’ it.”

So, my question for each of us (myself included) is this:

“What will you DO today to get your business going?”

Ask yourself that EVERYDAY. Then, just get out there and do it. Don’t wait until you know everything, don’t wait until your presentation materials are perfect, don’t wait until your product or service is refined, don’t even wait until you have enough funding…

Just start… And then keep doing each and every day.

Go ahead, make your mistakes.  Fail as fast as you can.  Then, see how quickly your business starts to grow.  Seriously!

I’ve done this enough times to know where it can lead. I have every confidence that you’ll be pleased where this simple concept leads you.

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How mobile are your customers? – 2012 Stats

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If you’re considering whether or not your website and marketing efforts should go mobile, below are some interesting statistics for 2012 from the Pew Research Center.  These reflect how people are getting their daily news.

In the “State of the News Media 2012″, Pew reports:

. 27% of the US adult population now gets its news on smartphones and tablets.

. “70% of desktop/laptop owners report getting news on their computers.

. 51% of Smartphone users use their phones for news.

And last, but certainly not least, a majority of tablet owners (56%) use the devices for news (including Dave and myself).

These numbers are definitely up from past years.

So the next time you post on your blog or to social networks, ask yourself, “Am I ready for mobile social marketing?”

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