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Google kicking back after Nexus fail ...
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Author:  nesir [ Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:47 am ]
Post subject:  Google kicking back after Nexus fail ...

Hi guys i just read some intresting stuff id like to share .

Nokia has now got the nokia 8 , apple is pushing their iphone x and sunsung also has the galaxy s8 now.

Well here where we are those are the latest line o smartphoes for users atleast. I always keep an euye on thiese things as a web designer and developer. You all know that mobile internet searches have been rapidly increaseing while desktop have decreased so it is important to us.
To myself personally apple has always been a sure thumb with regards to the stuff i develop. Im always concerned about how it looks nad works on ios.
They have admitedly stated a while ago ( when aproached by third parties concerning compatibility) that they (apple) will not compromise their software to be more compatable with other software, it would ruin the tight connection that apple hardware and software have and open it to vunrablities of inferioir software integrating with their technology.

SO.. this is why im glad that after the fail of nexus , google has redidicated its push into smartphones:( im just going to copy and paste the excerpts)

Google Home Max: a large smart speaker which really can do music, aimed squarely at competing products from Apple and Sonos. ( i must add its a jackless phone pushing the sale of pixelbud a wireless earphone )
Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL: two phones, little and large, with OLED screens, a focus on computational photography, and a lot of passive aggression towards Apple.
Pixelbook: A slender hybrid tablet/laptop/phone, running Chrome OS and offering Google Assistant on the desktop. It’s 1kg heavy and 1cm thick
Google Home Mini: a small smart speaker which can’t really do music but can pair with another wireless smart speaker, designed to get the Google Assistant throughout your house. ( i think this one is aimed at siri )

Imo i hope that thiese products are a sucess , i would love to see apple have an even smaller share compared to android as this would make my job much much easier. :)

This is just my opinion, please feel free to share what you think.

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