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2. Your SIGNATURE: What's okay & what's not. PLEASE READ!
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Author:  profitclinic [ Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  2. Your SIGNATURE: What's okay & what's not. PLEASE READ!

Before you create your personal signature for this forum (see next post below for instructions), please make sure that it complies with these rules/guidelines.

If your signature (or sig file) fails to comply, it may be blocked until it complies, or your entire posts may be deleted.

SIGNATURE FILES — what's acceptable and what's not

A signature file is the quid pro quo (fair exchange) for contributing to the discussion. The forum owners offer you the chance to promote yourself -- but the emphasis is on FAIR exchange. One line posts, like "I agree" or "there is a lot of useful information here" are generally seen as lame excuses for posting your signature file to get backlinks, and are considered to be a form of forum spamming.

As a general guide, please keep this in mind: your signature is NOT the most important element in a post for viewers. Its priority is always secondary to the content of your post, or it's really just forum spam. Signature files are clearly identified by a short footnote rule (line) that keeps them separate from the main post, otherwise it's obviously a "faux" signature (which WILL be deleted — see below).

In terms of font size and style, colour, etc, your signature should appear similar in style to the main post. It should not be indented, starred, or otherwise treated to make it visually dominant. The following guidelines should be observed when creating your signature file. Variations in style, weight, size and colour should be used to highlight important elements of your signature, not for the entire signature.

Bottom Line: if you're going to post a signature file, at least contribute something worthwhile to the discussion or risk your post being moderated or deleted or your signature blocked on that post.

"Thank you" posts are always welcome — but please don't expect to see your signature displayed unless the post contains something of substance as well.

WARNING: No faux or pseudo signature files allowed!
These are additions to the main body of a post that are meant to look like genuine signatures.
Sometimes they're posted by inexperienced newcomers who don't know how to create a proper signature. If that's you, read the post below to learn how to do it properly.
Most, however, are sneaky attempts to change the poster's backlinks according to the current topic without having to post a global signature (which needs to be more general because it appears on every post by that person).
Faux or pseudo signatures WILL be deleted on sight and repeat offenders banned.

Maximum of 255 characters, including spaces, punctuation and code tags.

No large font sizes. Be polite... don't shout! Maximum size: 12 pt/px (size = 100).

No ALL CAPITALS. Again, be polite. Don't shout!

No repeated exclamation (!) or question (?) marks. One is enough. More than one screams "amateur"!

Use color for highlighting ONLY. No signature files with large slabs of bright, garish colors. Use it sparingly.

Affiliate links and commercial site links are allowed in signature files, but NO links to porn, spam, gambling, hate, malware, spyware, adware, warez, political or other types of content prohibited by our terms of use are allowed.

No links to other forums -- it's very bad manners.

No telephone numbers or email addresses may be included in signatures. They will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned.

No images are permitted in signatures. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Your signature file WILL be blocked on sight and you'll be warned. If you persist, you'll be banned — permanently.

>>> Maximum of FOUR (4) lines, including blank lines, in signature files. <<<

A final thought on your signature file

For most people posting on these forums, the real value in having back-links displayed in a signature is NOT receiving lots of click-throughs by forum readers. (Yes, that's highly-desirable if it happens, but the volume of clicks is typically fairly low on any forum.)

The real value lies in the "link juice" you can gain from having back-links to your site from a site that enjoys a Google page rank of 5 or higher.

What does this mean for YOU in terms of creating your signature?

  1. Bending the rules on font size, colors, etc is pretty pointless. The search egine spiders and crawlers take no notice of them... they're only interested in the back-links, nothing else.
  2. Pushing the envelope in this way is very likely to get your signature blocked and you banned from these forums — which means NO back-links or "link juice" for you. (Kind of defeats the original purpose of creating your signature in the first place, doesn't it?)

Author:  profitclinic [ Sun Oct 17, 2010 1:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2. Your SIGNATURE: What's okay & what's not. PLEASE READ

How to create and edit your SIGNATURE file

Creating and editing your signature file is easy.

Step 1: Open your User Control Panel

The link is at the top right of the screen, like this:


Step 2: Open your Profile

The link is in the menu (left)


Step 3: Click on Edit your Profile

This link now appears in the menu (left)


Step 4: Edit your Signature


You can use BB Code to format your signature.
  • There's a limit of 265 characters, including spaces, punctuation and code.
  • Your may only use FOUR (4) lines maximum, including blank lines with no text.
  • Please read the rules and guidelines for signature files in the post above.

Author:  avalier [ Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Linking my Signature

Hi, I have looked at your signature do's and don't. Gone to the user control panel, edited my signature. What I have not found is how I link my signture. I do not see a linking icon. So how do I link my signature to my site?

Author:  profitclinic [ Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2. Your SIGNATURE: What's okay & what's not. PLEASE READ

The glib answer would be "exactly as you've done it in your signature file". :D

But that doesn't really tell the whole story, nor does it help other inexperienced people when it comes to phpBB forum software and BBcode, the simplified mark-up language used on bulletin boards and forums.

If you're concerned about linking your signature to your posts, the forum software will do that automatically. But you MUST be registered as a forum member. Guests can't post. Registration is free and carries useful benefits. Use the "Register" link at the top of the page.

If you're concern is about creating hyperlinks to your own site, etc, you'll find the following step-by-step tutorial handy…

There are basically two types of link formats you can use. Take a look at this edited screen shot of my own signature file as it appears in the Preview window of the Edit Signature interface. It contains BOTH types of links...


1. A simple link displaying the URL as the text link

There are TWO (2) ways to create this type of link:

  1. Simply type the URL into your post. phpBB (the forum software) will automatically display it as a hyperlink, like this: http://example/com.
  2. To make certain that your URL is displayed as a hyperlink, type the URL into your post, highlight it with your cursor, then click on the URL button in the Styles toolbar above the text area, like this:

2. A text link with embedded URL

There are TWO (2) ways to create this type of link:

  1. Type the link text into your post, highlight it with your cursor, then click on the URL button in the Styles toolbar above the text area, like this:
    [url]Visit my new blog — click here![/url]

    Edit the first URL tag manually, like this, to embed the destination URL in the text link...
    [url=http://example.com]Visit my new blog — click here![/url]
  2. If you use Firefox browser, install the Text Formatting Toolbar from codefisher.org. This brilliant little extension, available free of charge (search the Firefox add-ons site), allows you to quickly edit text formatting in three formats: BBcode, HTML and Wikipedia. Choose BBcode and use the Link icon to quickly and easily create embedded URLs in text links. It looks like this when installed:


    1. Select BBcode in the pull-down menu at the right-hand end of the toolbar.

    2. Use the Link icon to create text links with embedded URLs.

    Here's a series of screen shots showing how to do this:

    Enter the link text you want to appear in your signature (example: "Visit my new blog — click here!").
    Then click the Link icon in the Text Formatting Toolbar.


    Enter the destination (landing page) URL you want to embed in the text link into the Link pop-up window, then click OKAY


    The code for the embedded URL is now inserted automatically into your signature file…


    (Google Chrome browser users:
    Go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/bbcode%20keys, select BBCode Keys and click "Add to Chrome"
    This extension will insert BBCode tags in textareas using keyboard shortcuts. Contains most usual tags, but you can add and edit them however you please. Easy to use. Links to an editable options and instructions page.)

    If your signature file at the foot of your posts doesn't display correctly, you'll need to return to the Edit Signature form and check the code. Fix whatever isn't properly formatted, then Submit it.

If there's still a problem and you can't find the cause, try this handy tutorial on BBcode. Search for other BBcode tutorials and tables of codes on Google.


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