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While local and national chambers of commerce are excellent resources for the large and small business communities, they do little for the home-based business entrepreneur. There is no grand opening or "ribbon-cutting" at your home office, no storefront celebration. Home-based needs are unique and must be addressed as such.

Home-based businesses are not a passing fad, rather they play a significant role in the business economy. We must help the public and the government understand and support this growing phenomenon. There is much networking to be done, there is much legislation to consider.

As such, there is need for an organization to play a vital role in supporting home-based businesses, in helping them to succeed and to prosper. The Home Business Chamber of Commerce should become the principal advocate for the home-based business community.

We are looking for individuals and organizations interested in working toward this goal, who would like to help us form and shape the Home Business Chamber of Commerce. We need to staff our Board of Directors as well as fill key Chair positions of various committees.

Applicants should have a solid business, legislative or entrepreneurial background and be willing to commit some time in shaping this new organization.

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