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1. A Directory Listing for Searching Purposes
Searching capabilities within the Business Network Exchange are unique, allowing one to do extensive searching by keywords, names, geographic locations, classifications, capital requirements, prices, etc. See sample Directory Listing below.
2. An Expanded Record Profile
With detailed information about your opportunity, product or service, the Expanded Record Profile has an easy-to-read format. From your profile, interested individuals can link to your Electronic Reply Card, your Business Summary, your own website and to your Email. See sample profile below.
3. An Electronic Reply Card
Your Electronic Reply Card allows interested individuals to request literature or additional information and to ask specific questions. It also qualifies your prospects and tells you how serious their interest is. You may have all requests immediately sent to you by Email and/or by Fax. See sample below.
4. A Business Summary
A full Home Page, this is where your interested prospects and future clients can visualize your offerings with graphics, photos and charts. You can also use this page to expound on specific information or your specials. This page also links to your Electronic Reply Card and your own website.

SAMPLE Directory Listing
Network Marketing Sample Company
Prepaid Cellular and Phone Cards View Profile

SAMPLE Expanded Record Profile
This profile template is for an opportunity. There is a different template for non-opportunity listings.
Prepaid Cellular and Phone Cards
Contact Info
Offer high-demand prepaid cellular and phone cards. Our company is one of the most well-established and fasted growing companies in the telecommunications industry. 10-year proven program with extensive training, on-going support and sales leads. Company is in a major growth phase with new products being added end of 1997.
Company Name: Sample Company
Contact Name: Donald Trump
Telephone: 800-123-4567
Fax: 987-654-3210
Address: 1000 Business Street
Suite/Address 2: Suite 100
City: Business City
State/Province: California
Zip/Postal Code: 94500
Country: USA
Reply Card
Additional Info
Biz Summary
Business Summary
Biz Card
My Business Card
(Coming Soon!)
Network Marketing
Company Began: 1989
Opportunity Began: 1994
Number of Units: n/a
Available In: All U.S. States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Thailand
Home-based? Part-time or Full-time
Training/Support? Yes
Initial Fee: $49
Capital Req.-Low: $150
Capital Req.-High: $3000
General Equipment/Service Needed: Phone, fax machine, computer with modem, Fax-on-Demand, Email
Royalties: None
Financing Available? No
Straight commission. Percentage based on levels and sales volumes, ranging from 7% to 40%. Paid 7 levels deep, unlimited front line. Infinity bonus.

SAMPLE Electronic Reply Card
This sample if Standard. You may also customize your own for an additional setup fee, no additional monthly.

Sample Company

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