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How To Guides
Helps for Your Home Business
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These How To Guides are a FREE Resource provided by Home Business Online.
You may print and use them freely for your personal use.

How and where to advertise
How to buy anything from the government at a low cost
How to copyright what you write
How to find accurate reference information
How to find authoritative background on any subject
How to make your business survive in the 90's market
How to obtain free publicity
The insider's secrets of free publicity for your business
Big Mails, an easy start to mail order
Database-the secret of success
Getting started compiling and maintaining a mailing list
How to accomplish anything you want in life
How to achieve excellence in sales
How to collect debts other people owe you
How to develop a winning attitude
How to develop a world wide distributor network
How to file a claim for your benefits
How to get free subscriptions to over 60 magazines
How to physically store and work with your mailing list
How to publish your own newsletter
How to recruit dealer/distributors to sell for you
How to win over your fears
How to write a folio
How to write attention compelling advertisements
How to write order pulling ads
How to write profitable classified ads
Insider's secrets to obtaining advertising-absolutely free
Keeping your mailing list clean and efficient
Mail order guide
Mail order, How to's
The DO's and DONT's of profitable mail order ads
The selling secrets of million dollar sales letters
What really sells in the mail order magazines
Where to find inquiry, prospect and suspect names for your mailing list
Where to find the database for your customer mailing list
How to find money for business ventures of all sizes
How to reorganize your time to accommodate a Home Based Business
Legalities and tax advantages in a home business
Secrets to successfully starting your own business
50 ways to cut costs and increase profits
Big dollars-how to get them from your mail order ad sheet
Directory of free business resources
Sure-fire methods of raising instant cash
List of questions to answer before you buy a franchise
Selecting the right business name
Survival tips for small business
Where to get money for a franchise idea

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