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Notice & Reminder
These sample letters, notices and forms are a FREE resource provided by Home Business Online. You may print and use them freely for your personal use.

10-Day Notice Before Collections on Delinquent Account
30-Day Notice to Quit
Advance Notice of Out of Business Sale
Charge Account Card Limit Raise Notification
Discreet Letter of Resignation
Disputed Balance Notice
Fifth Overdue Payment Reminder, Notice of Credit Hold
Final Notice Before Legal Action
Final Notice of Impending Litigation
Final Warning Before Dismassal
Fourth Overdue Payment Reminder
Letter Notice of Job Opening
Letter of Resignation
Letter to Small Businessman in Advance of Collections
Memorandum on Sales Seminar
Notice and Acknowledgment of Service Rate Increase
Notice and Tendor by Debtor
Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Notice of Appeal
Notice of Application as Sole Trader
Notice of Application for Zoning Variance, Exception, or Permit
Notice of Approval of New Credit Account
Notice of Back-Ordered Item
Notice of C.O.D. Terms
Notice of Cancellation of Contract
Notice of Change of Address
Notice of Claim of Defective Goods
Notice of Claim of Lien
Notice of Credit Limit, Conversion to C.O.D.
Notice of Credit for Merchandise Damaged in Shipment
Notice of Default
Notice of Defective Goods
Notice of Defects in Goods After Acceptance
Notice of Delay on Back Order
Notice of Delayed Shipment
Notice of Dishonored Check
Notice of Dissolution (Partnership)
Notice of Error in Shipment and Request for Return Authorization
Notice of Inability to Fill Order
Notice of Inability to Ship
Notice of Intent to Exercise Warehouse Lien By Auction
Notice of Intention to Foreclose
Notice of Intention to Make a Private Sale After Breach
Notice of Intention to Sell Goods After Breach
Notice of Layoff
Notice of Lease
Notice of Non-Conforming Goods
Notice of Opposition to Zoning Request
Notice of Overdue Account
Notice of Packing Slip Requirements
Notice of Private Sale of Collateral
Notice of Promotion
Notice of Public Sale of Collateral
Notice of Receipt on Incomplete Shipment
Notice of Recission of Release
Notice of Recission
Notice of Reclamation
Notice of Refusal to Accept Delivery
Notice of Rejected Bid
Notice of Rejected Counter-Proposal
Notice of Rejection of Goods
Notice of Resale
Notice of Return of Goods Sold on Approval
Notice of Revocation of Authority
Notice of Right of Recission
Notice of Right of Recission
Notice of Termination of Lease
Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance
Notice of Violation of Warranty Exclusion
Notice of Withheld Delivery
Notice of Withholding Future Deliveries
Notice on Receipt of Unacceptable Merchandise
Notice to Cancel Entire Order
Notice to Cancel Shipment of Back-Ordered Goods
Notice to Customer of Check Returned NSF
Notice to Debtor of Assignment of Debt
Notice to Deliver Possession
Notice to Elect to Accept Damaged Goods
Notice to Employee Unqualified for Christmas Bonus
Notice to Employees of Bonus Cancellation
Notice to Employees of New Vacation Policy
Notice to Employees of Unsatisfactory Behavior
Notice to Exercise Lease Option
Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
Notice to Quit for Non-Payment of Rent
Notice to Stop Goods in Transit
Notice to Suspend Deliveries and Request for Release
Notice to Terminate AKA Account
Notification of Returned Merchandise Credit
Overdue Payment Reminder Letter
Reminder to Employee to Renew Drivers License
Reminder to Renew Medical Certification

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