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Become an Affiliate Member
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One of the easiest and most effective revenue sharing programs on the Internet, our Link Affiliate Program pays you for linking to us. We provide you with a banner, code, and do all the tracking and accounting. Once your account is set up and your banner is in place, we begin paying you each time someone clicks the banner (or link) and establishes a link to our site. It's that simple, and it's our way of saying thank you for helping bring visitors to our site.

Not only will you generate additional revenue for your website, you will also be providing your visitors with rich content; thus, maintaining the credibility and integrity of your website.

How Does It Work?
Once accepted into the Link Affiliate Program, we provide you with simple instructions for placing banners and links anywhere you choose within your website. The more visibility you give to these links, the better chance you have of earning commissions. With the unique code that we provide you, each time someone clicks on our banner or link at your site and establishes a link to our site, our computer identifies the visitor as YOUR customer and your account will automatically be credited $0.05. No purchase at our site is necessary for you to earn your commission.

NOTE: Home Business Online pays affiliate sites for click-through ratios (CTR's) not to exceed 5% in any monthly period. We have had to put this policy in place to prevent abuse of this program. Since most sites generally average click-throughs of between 2% - 3%, we believe 5% to be fair. If you have an out-of-the ordinary promotion or other circumstance, certainly we are willing to work with you on special arrangements.

How Much Does It Cost?
You pay nothing but a few minutes of your time initially to insert the code into your web pages.

How Do I Get Paid?
If your accumulated commission is $20 or more, we will pay you monthly. Checks are sent out by the 20th of the following month. If your accumulated commissions are less than $20, your balance carries forward to the next pay period until you have accumulated commissions of $20 or more.

What About Tracking?
Our special software provides powerful tracking ability to verify click-throughs. As a Link Affiliate you will be provided with information on how to check your stats.

Do I Qualify?
We welcome all to apply. Home Business Online wants to develop strategic partnerships with sites that promote quality and value. We do not allow affiliate websites for adult content or gambling, or others which we feel would not reflect well on Home Business Online.

How Do I Get Started?
Simple enough? Let's get you on your way to earning commissions. Complete our simple application. You will receive approval and linking instructions from us within 24 hours.

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How Does It Work?
How Much Does It Cost?
How Do I Get Paid?
What About Tracking?
Do I Qualify?
How Do I Get Started?

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