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About Us
In development since 1997, the Home Business Online Store recently debuted in May, 1998 with an exciting reception. The Home Business Online Store has already attracted the attention of such quality sites as Viking Office Products, shades.com, Fashion Mall, @Backup Data Protection, Swiss Army Depot and Landscape USA. Our store offers merchants the ability to market their products and services to a strong niche base of internet users.

Why We're Unique
With the purpose of promoting electronic commerce, flexibility is our hallmark. As such we offer programs for the very large as well as the Mom n' Pop home-based store. Various options such as our unique Pay for Performance program require little or no money up front, or you may be looking for a Sponsor option. As a niche site, Home Business Online's Affiliate Programs and aggressive promotions provide targeted advertising and bring people to your site.

Of those visiting Home Business Online...

  • 69% are from the U.S., 26% are from Canada
  • 54% are female, 40% are male (6% undisclosed)
  • 78% are baby boomers between the ages of 35 and 55
  • 78% are looking for products and services
  • 83% are looking for opportunity
  • 77% have or plan to purchase products and services on the Web

We currently receive over 3 million hits per month.

Benefits We Offer
As a merchant in our Online Store, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy:

  • Targeted niche market
  • Performance driven marketing
  • Targeted advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Highly trafficked site
  • Strong brand awareness
  • Ability to offer specials in Bill's Deals
  • Qualified online shopping audience
  • Quality trusted site
  • Flexible merchant lease options
  • Low merchant lease rates
  • Discount banner advertising rates

We Market For You!
We believe in YOUR products and services and we believe in OUR abilities to market them. It's a great match! As such we have developed some unique marketing and advertising programs to bring people to your store through our site. Our Online Store is not a simple stagnant site. We work for you!

Fees and Options
Merchants may select from four options:

  • Basic Merchant Listing
  • Logo Header Listing
  • Pay for Performance Listing
  • Featured Site
You may also choose to place a special offer in
Bill's Deals.

Basic Merchant Listing...$48 for 12 Months

- $4 per month value! -
  • 12 month listing in any department with direct link to your site
  • 50% discount on additional listings in other departments
  • 25% discount on banner advertising anywhere within the Store
Logo Header Listing...$72 for 3 Months

- $24 per month value! -
  • all Basic Merchant options plus...
  • your clickable logo art (or button) in a prominent header position
  • a short footer
  • may change your logo and footer up to three times within three months
*Pay for Performance Listing...Nothing Down
- Pay per Click or Transaction! -

Merchant pays no monthly lease fees, instead we
are paid a percentage of total gross sales
generated as a result of a click-throughs from
our Online Store to your website.
*Note: Your website must be programmed to allow
for customer order tracking to be considered for
the Pay for Performance Program. Unless prior
arrangements have been made, the Pay for
option only applies to the Basic
Merchant Listing.

  • all Basic Merchant options
Featured Site
Featured site sponsors are given high visibility and
graphic prominence on a department page. The
featured position offers plenty of room for graphics,
text and additional links. If you are interested in
becoming a featured site, please contact us.

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Okay, so have we got your attention? At prices like these for true quality and visibility, and with our commitment to work for you, what can you lose! So, go for it! We're anxious to make this work for you.

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About Us
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Benefits We Offer
We Market For You!
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