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Welcome to those who found us in the newspaper! Want to see more work-from-home photos?

Welcome WAHM's!

(Work-at-Home Moms)

Many stay-at-home mothers come to our site looking for information on making money while staying home with their children. Some are only looking for an extra $100 per month, while others are looking for full-time income to replace their jobs.

Whatever your needs, we say, "GOOD FOR YOU!" We support your desire to stay home and let Mom be the prime nurturer and teacher during your child's precious and vulnerable years. You'll never have a second chance to see your child take his or her first steps.

Okay, so where do you begin?

This is difficult to answer in one blanket statement as mothers and what they are looking for is extremely varied. So, let us break it down and pass on some valuable information for you as you begin your search for the perfect home-based business or job for you.

Below, we've broken down your options into four categories: 1) 'get paid to' programs, 2) a work-from-home job, 3) a direct sales representative, and 4) your own online home-based business. We explain each option below:

"Get Paid To" Programs

"Get Paid To" opportunities are generally for those who wish to make an extra $50 - $500 per month. It is possible to make more, but most stay-at-home mothers in this category are looking for something they can do in their spare time. They don't want to commit to more than one to 10 hours per week. Some programs (i.e. taking surveys, paid to click, etc.) realistically pay $2-$4 per hour for your time spent. For those who just want a little pocket change, this is perfectly adequate. Other programs (i.e. paid to blog) generally pay out a bit more.

"Paid To" types of programs may include activities such as:

  • get paid to read email
  • get paid to click
  • get paid to surf
  • get paid to take surveys
  • get paid to shop (mystery shopping)
Some of the higher paying "Get Paid To" progams include the following:

Get Paid To Write Articles & Stories
     (Anywhere from $5 - $50/article & $15 - $100/story)
Help Improve Books & Movie Scripts
     Give your feedback and suggestions and get paid
     (From $5 - $45/hour)
Get Cash For Writing Blog Posts
     Create content for thousands of blogs.
     (From $2 - $30 per blog post)

If you'd like to discuss these types of opportunities, ask questions on our home business forums.

Work-from-Home Jobs

Work-at-home jobs include telecommuting jobs and independent contractor freelance opportunities. Work at home jobs come in many shapes and sizes, from small part-time jobs that supplement your income to full-time freelance work that allows you to quit your 9-5 cubicle job.

These are not always easy to locate; however, with some persistence, you can find them. They are definitely out there.

As a personal example, we have six stay-at-home mothers who help us locally. They are independent contractors that work out of their own homes and on their own time schedules. Some choose to get up at 5:00am to do the work, while others choose to get their work done later at night after kids have gone to bed. This gives them the time they want with their children during the day.

The biggest complaint people have is trying to find these kinds of jobs. Over the years, we have done plenty of research and have put together an excellent list of places you can search for these types of elusive work-from-home jobs. The list is regularly updated so that sources are all up to date. If you'd like access to our closely-guarded list of telecommuting and freelance job searching sites, you will find it in our How to Find a Telecommuting Job package.

Great news! Because you're a WAHM visiting this page, you're entitled to a special WAHM discount. Use coupon code WAHM at checkout to receive $12 off your total. That's 35% off! A great and well-deserved WAHM bargain.

Direct Sales Representatives

Direct Sales opportunities have made a new resurgence for Stay-at-Home Moms in the past five years. Also known as "network marketing" or "MLM," direct sales has taken on new life for mothers who wish to work from home. Companies like Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, Tupperware and Avon have departments for "Home Party Sales." Home parties allow mothers to stay at home with their children during the day and book home parties in the evenings when Dad or a babysitter can watch the kids.

Anything from scrapbooking supplies to cookware to lingerie is now sold through home parties, serving almost any interest.

Use our home business forums to find like-minded mothers who are already doing direct sales and home parties.

Your Own Online Home-Based Business

This option is excellent for work-at-home mothers who can work at their computer during the hours they choose. It has somewhat of a learning curve, but the rewards can be tremendous. Most mothers who take this road find their income stronger and more consistent by the end of their first year. Not only this, once they do the legwork upfront, they find their income continues without having to put in much effort.

My husband and I had a family crisis that took us away from our online business for five months. We could only work two hours a week answering emails and taking care of a few administrative tasks. During those five months, our online business continued to bring in money and take care of our financial needs.

But, you'll need to take the time to learn the ins and outs of building your website, getting traffic, and so forth. The fastest, easiest and most complete way we've found to get through the learning curve is to use "Site Build It." They have a Masters Course that explains how it works especially for Work-at-Home Moms (WAHM's) at wahm.sitesell.com/how_to.html. Plus, you can take Site Build It for a no-risk test drive.

This program will get you up and running in just a few weeks. It provides you with ALL the tools you will need to succeed online, including web hosting for an entire year.

Having tried literally hundreds of different options and spent many thousands of dollars in the process, we've found this really is the best solution for a stay-at-home mother who wants to start her own business online. It is an all-around solution, and in the long run will save you hundreds of dollars. It will save your sanity in the process, too.

Meanwhile, come and join us in our online home business forums for lively chat on the nuances of making money online. You're sure to get plenty of answers.

Let us know how we can help!

Heidi and Dave Perry

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